An ammunition is a set intended to load a firearm  . It consists of at least one propellant charge and one (or more) projectile (s) (shot, bullet, shell).

From the 20th century , the ammunition can be self-propelled (eg: rocket , missile )  and possibly remotely guided, or able to orient itself, for example towards a hot spring.

The projectile can itself be hollow and filled with an explosive equipped with a pyrotechnic firing device (detonator reacting on impact, or delayed), projecting fragments, bullets (round pellets from shrapnel shells) and more recently submunitions . In the case of chemical or biological weapons, the projectile may also have been filled with toxic chemical or pathogenic agents , turning into poisonous or contaminant gas upon explosion on impact.

For reasons of danger and safety, military ammunition is stored in places called “  ammunition depot  ” (arsenal).

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