Characteristics on mosin nagant for sale

M1891 and M91/10 infantry rifle M1891 and M91/10 Dragoon rifle M1891/30 M1891/38 M1891/44
Caliber 7.62x54mm R
Action manual operated, rotating bolt
Overall length 1306 mm
1738 mm with bayonet
1234 mm
1666 mm with bayonet
1234 mm
1666 mm with bayonet
1020 mm 1020 mm
Barrel length 800 mm 730 mm 730 mm 510 mm 510 mm
Weight 4.22 kg
4.6 kg with bayonet
3.9 kg
4.28 kg with bayonet
3.8 kg
4.18 kg with bayonet
3.45 kg ~3.9 kg with non-detachable bayonet
Magazine capacity 5 rounds in integral magazine

mosin nagant stock

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