Your safety, defense, and protection depend on Glock 17 and 19.

Your safety, defense, and protection depend on Glock 17 and 19.

Silhouette of a Pistol Near an Orange Light

When it comes to reliable and effective firearms, Glock is a name that stands out. The Glock 17 and Glock 19, two of the most popular handguns in the world, offer exceptional performance and versatility for both professional shooters and everyday gun owners. In this article, we will explore the key facts about Glock 17 and Glock 19, their features, and specifications, and help you determine which one is right for you.

Introduction to Glock 17 and Glock 19

The Glock 17 and Glock 19 are both semi-automatic pistols manufactured by Glock GmbH, an Austrian firearms manufacturer. The Glock 17, introduced in 1982, was Glock’s first pistol and has become a staple in law enforcement agencies worldwide. The Glock 19, introduced in 1988, is a compact version of the Glock 17, making it easier to conceal and carry.

Key features and specifications of Glock 17 and Glock 19

Both the Glock 17 and Glock 19 share many similarities in terms of design and operation, but they do have a few key differences. Here are some of the key features and specifications of each:

Glock 17:

  • Calibre: 9x19mm
  • Capacity: 17+1 rounds
  • Barrel Length: 4.49 inches
  • Overall Length: 7.95 inches
  • Weight (unloaded): 22.04 ounces

Glock 19:

  • Calibre: 9x19mm
  • Capacity: 15+1 rounds
  • Barrel Length: 4.02 inches
  • Overall Length: 7.36 inches
  • Weight (unloaded): 21.16 ounces

Both pistols feature Glock’s renowned Safe Action System, trigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safety mechanisms that provide an extra layer of protection against accidental discharges. They also have polymer frames, making them lightweight and durable.

Comparison of Glock 17 and Glock 19: Which one is right for you?

Choosing between the Glock 17 and Glock 19 depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

Size and Concealability:

If you prioritize concealment, the Glock 19’s compact size makes it easier to carry and hide. The Glock 17, on the other hand, has a larger frame and may be more suitable for open carry or duty use.


The Glock 17 has a higher standard capacity with 17+1 rounds compared to the Glock 19’s 15+1 rounds. If a higher capacity is important to you, the Glock 17 might be the better choice.

Purpose of Use:

Consider the intended use of the firearm. If you primarily need a handgun for self-defence or concealed carry, the Glock 19’s compact size and balanced performance make it a popular choice. If you require a duty pistol or prefer larger framed handguns for target shooting or home defence, the Glock 17 may be more suitable.

Ultimately, whether you choose the Glock 17 or Glock 19, you can trust in the quality, reliability, and performance that Glock firearms are known for.

Silhouette of a Pistol Near an Orange Light

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